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Lethal Concept Announces Official Launch of Apokalypsos Website


Lethal Concept is proud to announce today the official website launch for Apokalypsos, the post-apocalyptic MMORPG debut title.

Apokalypsos will let you explore and rediscover the wastelands of North America, on foot and in vehicles, in both first and 3rd person modes. Players will enter Apokalypsos as surviving refugees who can aspire to join any of the three strongest factions: Rebels, Protectors, or Reformers - or stay as a neutral entity seeking their own interest. Survivors will interact through PvP and PvE combat opportunities, as well as salvaging, manufacturing, trade, and politics.

A huge variety of vehicles, from the small and nimble bikes to the specialized heavy duty trucks, each vehicle will open up new opportunities for combat, exploration, racing and hauling salvage material. All combined with a powerful FPS style weapon mode, allowing endless possibilities for combat tactics and encounters.

Check our new Downloads section for the latest concept art, logos, wallpapers and more as we continue updating regularly. Plus, join the official forums and interact directly to our developers and dedicated community.

An official fan kit will be available for fansites soon.

More information on Lethal Concept can be found at:

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