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JUNE 10, 2012
Weapons Revealed

We've started a new section for weapons that will be featured in Apokalypsos. Check them out in the Downloads section!

Image Image

JANUARY 01, 2011

Lethal Concept and our entire team wishes our visitors, supporters and friends the very happiest new year! May you find peace, joy and fulfillment in an exciting 2011!

JULY 02, 2009
Apokalypsos Fansite WebKit Released

You asked us for it, and we delivered! The first official Apokalypsos fansite kit, jam-packed with high quality avatars, flags, logos, icons, wallpapers, posters, concept art and original photoshop files for creating your own art and sites. Download the compressed file HERE and don't forget to share with us your creations on our official forums!

JUNE 14, 2009
New Characters Revealed

As promised we have four new characters from the world of Apokalypsos available for your viewing pleasure in our Downloads section!

Image Image Image Image

Character bios and info will be available soon. Stay tuned!

MAY 20, 2009
Upgrading to Torque 3D Engine

In the next few months, Project Apokalypsos will be upgrading its game engine to the Garage Games' latest offering, the all powerful and shiny Torque 3D!

T3D promises to streamline the art pipeline with full Collada support, new and easy road and river construction tools, polished graphics and much more. Check the full feature list at

Stay tuned, more info will follow soon!

February 21, 2009
Apokalypsos on Twitter

That's right! We're on twitter now and you're invited to join us and share your post-apocalyptic news and messages on the Twitosphere, Here are our accounts:

Sigoya ThorMartel Lethal Concept

Plus, you can always catch us lurking on the forums 24/7. Cheers!
August 3, 2008
New Concept Art & Forum Updates

It's been a while but the Apokalypsos team is still marching forward with new developments and a little something for the community to enjoy. Concept Art section is featuring now five new characters: Rebels paramilitary commanders Huda and Jobard, Reformers leaders Chasca and Poco Caliente, and Camp Zero's biggest pimp & underlord Big Vane. In addition to that we've also slipped by a bird's eye view of Camp Zero and Chicago's terrorist nuclear attack.

On the forum front, we've streamlined the main topics and moved all Apokalypsos related threads under "The Project" section, plus we've added a Post Apocalyptic Media topic, so we can discuss our favorite post-apocalyptic movies, books, music and art. If you are on LinkedIn, don't forget to add P.A.M under your groups and help us promote Project Apokalypsos!

If you haven't noticed yet, our Lead A.I. programmer MaNiaC will be sharing his knowledge and experiences while working on Apokalypsos right here in the A.I. Dev Diary. MaNiaC promised us a weekly entry, so feel free to troll his threads if he starts slacking!

Finally, I would like to thank our small but loyal brood of followers, and extend the invitation for all aspiring developers, artists, designer and programmers to check our project and help us in making it a reality!

April 24, 2008
Downloads Section Updated

The Geiger meters are screeching with hot glowing love, and the radioactive snow is melting, unveiling a new concept art in our Downloads section, which features a Rebel patrol unit inspecting a little gift left by the Reformers in the White Sands battlegrounds!

In addition to the new panel, the Concept Art, Logos and Posters sections were updated with retouched panels and updated logos. Keep throwing them feedback at us, we love the forum spam!

January 31, 2008
Global Timeline Released

The wait is over, and all (ok, most) of your story questions will be answered in our first release of the Apokalypsos global timeline.

Check it out and share your feedback with uson the forum.

January 28, 2008
Maintenance Complete

Greetings survivors...

The forum upgrade is complete now, and all functions were restored. Thanks for your patience!

December 20, 2007

Greetings stranger...

So you must be wondering what is this all about? What does Apokalypsos stands for?

Then waste no time and head straight to our new FAQ section and satisfy your curiosity!

DECEMBER 20, 2007
Help Create The Apokalypse!

The Apokalypsos project is currently looking for active and creative talents to join the team. All creative and programming skills are welcome to check our project and post their application either on our forum or directly to us!

DECEMEBR 20, 2007

Apokalypsos project is marching forward, with several base elements finalized. We have uploaded a select collection of new concept art in our DOWNLOADS section for your viewing pleasure. Make sure to share your feedback with us on the forum!

December 6, 2007 11:06 AM

It's been a while, but we have been working hard on setting the correct foundation for our project. The new website is just the start as we ramp up our pre-production stage...

And we are excited to keep expanding on our project with more frequent updates and information!