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PostPosted: Thu Nov 22, 2018 12:50 pm 
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Hey All,

As you may have noted I posted what I found and did an update of the Status of AutoAssault Server. And now that it again has new Owner's, Cause it went from NetDevil to Gazillion Entertainment, to TrionWorld, and Now I believe I could be wrong, is now owned by Gamigo Out of Germany.

Now I fired off Emails to Both Trion and Gamigo to see what if anything they are gonna do with the AutoAssault server, like if they would revive the Game, and or Make a new Game using the AutoAssault Server IP but make some changes to it.
And that is where this post comes in. I love AutoAssault and if it came back the way it was when it was shut down, I'm cool with that, But But if they go ya well we'll make some changes cause we are gonna bring it back as a different game, tho keeping the same style, I'd like to post what changes I'd like to see in it.

So, 1st off.. this might be a long post, but I'd like to here your Voices or changes, additions as well..

AutoAssault from what I remember was a awesome game, but for people playing the game, they only start to getting into PVP when you get into the Area of Ground Zero, even then you can choose between PVP map and or PVE, And thats like level 60+ onwards.

Each faction, Humans, Mutants, and Meks, all seem to have their own maps, Human side Highway 21, Meks and Mutants do the same map, but all you see are the same faction players, so there's alot of maps being done, same area's, just you don't see any other factions till Ground Zero, level 60+

So with all this in mind, I'd actually like to see maybe 1 map that ALL factions are playing in, in other words driving around instead of Just seeing Human Characters, you can actually run into a Mutant, and or Mek Vehicles, and If need Be, You can also Team / Group up with them to do Missions with, why make people wait till level 60+ to run into a Mutant or Mek Player.
This change could save loading all the different maps, for each faction, the same map 3 times just to have 1 for each faction, No I think everyone could all share the same map.

As well, When does PVP start, Hmm well again if and when you hit Ground Zero, a level 60+ map, again you can do PVE and or PVP.
But what about the lower level players, why leave them out of being Able to PVP.
Well to correct this, Make a map Instance which we know there are like 4 I think in the 1st area, Make one of them Like Ground Zero, so one can go into that Instance as a PVE area, and or the player can actually Pick PVP, and that map would then be a Level restricted so Like 1st map area, make that area for PVP restricted to say level 1 to 15, if you are higher level Sorry you need to go to another PVP area for your level.

Any in this case once they are done with Haistia, and they move on to Highway 21, then within that map area, one of those Instances are or could be turned into a PVE or PVP area, and restricted to that map area level, so 16 to 30 I think it was in that map, Mind isn't quite remembering what area levels were.
This way even the low levels can actually get into PVP earlier and Not have to wait till they get to level 60+ at ground Zero.

Again, instead of having the server running 3 of the same map, it only Needs the 1 Map for all 3 factions, the Mission giver can be changed to give the applicable mission to whichever faction has clicked on it, and again, will eliminate running 2 additional maps which shouldn't be needed if All the factions are doing missions in the main area.
I don't have my Book with me to give exact map names, but you get the idea.

I think with it being this way, it would make interactions with other faction(s) More positive part of the game. Does this mean there can't or aren't Faction only Map area's, No they can still be there, for the 1 I can remember I was Human and doing missions killing in a area that was Like a Mutant area, and there was this Big Ass Wall you can drive around only, Well for Human or Mutant, I think the only one's who could go up and actually get in were Mek Faction, I didn't actually get any level 80 characters on the Mutant, or Mek side so I never got to it in those factions, So ya there can still be area's or instances that still can be Faction specific, but the main Run from one end to the other, why not make it a shared map of all 3 factions, That can Team / Group together, and With Instances or side maps from the main one's, make them a choice PVE and or PVP like Ground Zero, I am pretty sure the low level players would like to get into and or try PVP prior to getting to Level 60+.

Another thing I can remember that wasn't or was missing, is events.. We definitely need some more events / interactions with GM's. During the Year we have certain Holidays that come around and Ya, it would be nice to have some sort of event, something to make that particular Holiday Re-memorable. If it like handing out certain items which are super rare in Game, like Black Paint or Paints, to some rare items, but over all Just the interaction and making the players feel like they are the priority of the game, Not having Events, makes players feel like ya they are only Money Hungry Dev / publisher and Don't care about the player base.
Like I remember in GZ there was this massive Tar Ball, Like really whats it there for, small amusement Eh who know's, but if they actually had like 3-4 spawn on each map area, and if you find it and could destroy it, Heh ya get a reward or Something actually added to the Loot roll table that could actually get.
Make a Monster Truck Like a Boss vehicle and have a GM drive it around each map or whatever, and once destroyed, And not Linked to 1st damage gets the loot, that upon destruction it creates a Debris field like
a couple hundred meters around, which is like a large debri field from the Exploding Vehicle, which has Tokens, and or Items, not gotten elsewhere.
But events are really really important.

Now I know Like in Fallen Earth, you always get the one question everyone Seems to Ask, like FE how do I use my Horse, or some other thing but everyone seems to ask and people go really again this is like the 10th time today... Well AutoAssault was the same way, but the one question that was over and over asked was how do I get out of my vehicle.
Well ya, Sorry you can't get out of you car, Unless you go to a town in which you park your car and run around as a Character Player, rather then a vehicle.

But what about that, what if per say you go into a PVP area, and you get attacked and your vehicle is destroyed, and you get thrown from the vehicle and are now standing as a Character on the map, now instead of allowing the person to shoot/kill you with their Vehicle, make it for them to Kill you they have to exit there vehicle and you then do a PVP fight character to character. Though if your not done in 5 minutes once your vehicle is destroyed, Zip you are taken away by INC.
So in essence, you can exit your vehicle in a PVP area but as a player Character figure, you can't be killed by a vehicle Weapons and only by someone else on foot as well. Hmmm
and with vehicles if destroyed you can repair them with a kit, and off ya go.. if you are killed by a NPC in the PVP area, unless there is NPC Infantry who can kill you you can repair and drive away.

Now, in a PVP environment one would go, ya the other player would kill my car, but keeps driving away and won't come out on foot to fight me, each time I repair my vehicle they just drive up and kill it again.
Well ya I can see that happening, So what can ya do, well, Call INC zips your vehicle away and yourself to the Closest repair pad. 2 shoot attack their vehicle and make them get on foot and then fight 1v1, and or get on faction chat and ask for some help re-enforcements.

So now instead of only crafting vehicle weapons, armor, etc now you'd have to craft player items, be it melee and or range weapons. And wardrobe items could also now come into play, cause seeing someone in a town, they all seem to have the same clothing items, so ya all factions 1 map, all factions can go in same town and you can actually see different Wardrobe items between factions, Though trading should still be restricted to maybe certain items, IE personal weapons, clothing, nothing faction specific. Though I think someone who has a Mutant Character and a awesome ornament on their vehicle, might wanna bring that one over to their Human and or Mek vehicle.

Hmmm that could make some interesting / different vehicle configurations, Hmm have to think about that one. Though thinking of FE, ya they made it so Faction doesn't matter now cause there are No faction specific skills, items really so ya we still need to keep somethings faction specific, otherwise there'd really be no difference.. Ahh would have to think about cross configurations..

So there's some thoughts idea's I had been throwing around my thoughts.. what do you all think, or would you like maybe to see that could change enhance the AutoAssult game from what it was like.

Thanks all, we'll keep ya updated as to whats going on if and when I find out...

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PostPosted: Thu Nov 22, 2018 4:52 pm 
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Thanks for your persistence chasing this. Nice ideas above. I don’t actually have anything in mind, just wanted to say I would love to see the game revived in some form, maybe even single player only. Just to return to wastelands, drive and see what the feeling after all these years would be.
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PostPosted: Thu Nov 22, 2018 6:41 pm 
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Well there is away you can Drive around the wasteland as long as you yourself are able to or willing to Setup a SQL database, compile the program with Visual Studio, you can get in and drive around, follow this link to read whats available and or how to do it viewtopic.php?f=10&t=89
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