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PostPosted: Sun Mar 20, 2016 10:57 am 
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Well I have while doing other things, been playing Fallen Earth, But sadly it seems to be going into rigamortus..

At times I do a level list from 20-50 in any map zone, and I get like 30 people, do a 55 list and 29 people, so it seems
it's only but time and Well FE won't be here with us no more...


Interestingly enough, I was told about this other Post apok game, which I took a Booo at today..

Though it seems that it is still in the Open Alpha, to download the Alpha Client You need a key, though they say
they will post them on facebook so there facebook page is here

if ya fine it interesting enough to keep an eye on it, and maybe if you are willing to assist, get in and assist on the
alpha side of it.

Remember Alpha Beta Doesn't mean it'll be up 24/7, it'll only be up when they need to try and see how things work, find bugs
insects and whatever other diseases they are out there.. Just Kidding..

Anyhow, Looks interesting enough, is where they have some screen shots and a video
they were in the top 10 indie games on Greenlight / steam..

"Hey, friends! The Skies is now in TOP 10 here, and there are just few steps to getting into TOP 5 that we’re so much looking forward! Please, keep voting for the next 6 days and sharing the news and let’s celebrate then early alpha access for all already THIS WINTER! Developers are working hard to give you the access to the game as early as possible, so, let’s encourage them by voting in this contest! It means so much for us, since we’re sooooo INDIE developers :) with the small team that has brave hearts, extra-ordinary minds and ambitious plan to make the game the next hit! Thank you very much for all your support! Sending you our hugs :) :) :)

Now that was an older post last year actually so I will have to check it out as to what is the latest new on this one...

Okie doke, thought I'd pass this one along to you, if I see or hear of any keys available I'll post it here..

Stay tooned

I checked the facebook page and there is a post from 28 Feb, dunno what year, but this is the c&p from it

Hey friends, you probably wondered what's going and where we're with the release. Seems like something special should happen already in the end of March - beginning of April... but shhhh... it's a secret for now.
smile emoticon
We've been thinking on how to make our development progress more transparent. And here it goes:
These are some of our working task boards with all the details, including deadlines, designs, assigned members, etc. Welcome to our development world and team! Of course, it's just a small part, but if you're curious to look inside and keep an eye on the progress, hit Like and we'll reveal more

Stay tooned again, V1.0
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PostPosted: Mon Apr 25, 2016 5:07 pm 
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Okie doke an update on this game,

There was a download on it's site that required a key to get into the alpha version of it..
Well it's still in Alpha, but there's a playable Alpha version you can get the download from steam, and it does NOT
require a key to get access to the Game in it's Alpha version. So go on steam download and play, Just remember

THIS IS IN ALPHA STAGE, so there are gonna be MANY MANY problems, Bugs, Glitches

So if you hope to play and not see roll backs, your character being re-set many times, then I'd say wait till they bring
it out in a retail release.

If you want to Play the game, help with bugs, glitches, suggestions, Again this is ALPHA, and thats like before BETA
then grab it from steam.

Note tho, the download is 8Gigs in size
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